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Help differentiating CR/PD

Several Audi, Seat, Skoda and VW model series with 2.0 TDI engines use both CR and PD ("Pumpe-Düse" / Unit injector) technology.

RaceChip chip tuning is specially customized to the applicable fuel injection technology with respect to both hardware and software. If your vehicle is specified in the list of applicable models below (all other 2.0 TDI models feature just one type of technology), it is important to determine, before choosing a tuning product, which type of injection technology is installed in your vehicle. For such models, you will therefore find the “CR” or “PD” designation after your engine code.

Performance The following Volkswagen Group model series are applicable: Engine code CR Engine code PD
100kW (136hp) Audi: A3 (8P), A6 (C6)
VW: Golf Plus, Jetta V, Passat B6
103kW (140hp) Audi: A3 (8P)
Seat: Altea (5P)
Skoda: Octavia (1Z), Superb (3T)
VW: Caddy (2K, 2C), Eos (1F), Golf V,
Golf VI, Jetta V, Passat B6, Touran (1T)

If your vehicle is in this list and you are not sure if it is a CR or PD version, then simply follow one of the following steps to identify CR or PD technology.

Using the engine code:

For PD models, the engine code consists of 3 characters, while for CR there are 4 characters. You can find your vehicle’s engine code in the specification sheet in your service booklet or on the data sticker in your engine bay.

Using engine images for CR and PD:

Common rail (CR)
Unit injector (PD)
Common rail engine, traverse
CR traverse
Common rail engine, longitudinal
CR longitudinal
Pumpe-Düse (PD, unit injector) engine, traverse
PD traverse
Pumpe-Düse (PD, unit injector) engine, longitudinal
PD longitudinal

Using our customer service:

If the tips above have not clarified the technology type, then please contact our Customer Service department. We will be happy to help. Contact

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Take your ride to the next level!

You are not just driving your car to get from A to B and long, winding roads make your heart leap? We are glad you found us. We will help you to unlock your engine’s maximum performance and make sure that you will never want to get out of your car again.

Take your ride to the next level!

You are not just driving your car to get from A to B and long, winding roads make your heart leap? We are glad you found us. We will help you to unlock your engine’s maximum performance and make sure that you will never want to get out of your Mazda again.

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Perfectly tuned with RaceChip

Mazda is a Japanese car manufacturer headquartered in Hiroshima. It has continued to make a name for itself with sometimes idiosyncratic – yet always technologically sophisticated – solutions. In recent years Mazda has been the sole manufacturer of a Wankel rotary engine in series vehicles and is the only Japanese brand to have even won the 24-hour race at Le Mans. Technologically sophisticated and powerful – what could be a better for RaceChip, the German technology leader in chip tuning. You can optimize your Mazda's power reserves and tangibly increase your driving enjoyment with RaceChip tuning boxes.

We offer our innovative engine tuning for almost all Mazda models, whether estate car, 4- or 5-door, SUV or pickup.

Electronic power improvement for your Mazda

With the current SKYACTIV engines Mazda has developed an ultra-modern machine that produces lots of power extremely efficiently with a significantly above-average compression ratio of 14:1. Tap into the ample power reserves available electronically – that's the concept behind engine tuning from RaceChip.

The RaceChip technology used is complex, but the installation in your Mazda is very simple. A supplementary control unit with the most innovative electronic performance improvement is installed between the engine control unit and the sensors – a type of mini-computer that features optimization software designed specifically for your Mazda engine. It optimizes the electronic signals that control the engine. With it you can achieve up to 30% more HP and up to 30% more torque for more powerful performance.

RaceChip's chip tuning utilizes the manufacturer's reserves in your Mazda by optimizing the electronic engine controls. Mazda itself works according to this principle when it offers a base engine block with different power features. For example, Mazda offers the 2.2 SKYACTIV-D in the Mazda 6 and CX-5 with both 150 HP and 175 HP. This considerable variance is primarily the result of different settings in the electronic engine controls.

With chip tuning from RaceChip there are no compromises when it comes to quality and performance. The performance improvement from RaceChip only optimizes within the thermal and mechanical power reserves available in your engine. Furthermore, the use of supplementary control unit ensures that the engine protection systems in your Mazda remain completely active.

Experience your Mazda with even more passion: with more power, dynamics and driving fun.

No matter what Mazda diesel you drive – whether SKYACTIV-D, MZR CD or MZR CR – you’ll experience your Mazda like never before with RaceChip chip tuning. Here are just a few of many attractive examples of how much latent power potential can be utilized with chip tuning from RaceChip:

For the Mazda 6 and Mazda CX-5, for which Mazda offers the 2.2 SKYACTIV-D with two power levels, you can easily surpass the higher-end models with the smaller engine and RaceChip chip tuning. You can do this at a price that you'd never have got from the dealer.

With a RaceChip Pro 2, the CX-5 2.2 SKYACTIV-D with standard 150 HP gets a performance boost to 188 HP with a hefty 479 Nm of torque. The last gasp of lag typical of SUVs will be blown away with the lightest press of the accelerator. At the same time your vehicle's fuel efficiency is further optimized, which usually means huge savings potential at the pump for SUVs. This way, with the Pro 2 you'll have instantly saved money with appropriate driving habits and will also benefit from more power in case you need it.

The large CX-5 2.2 SKYACTIV-D offers 175 HP from the manufacturer for streets or off-road. Invest in the RaceChip Ultimate and after 10-15 minutes of DIY installation, you won't recognize your CX-5. With 223 HP and 538 Nm, you'll suddenly be driving a trained athlete who feels as much at home in the fast lane as on a curvy country road through the mountains.

Even your CX-7 MZR-CD with a trusty 173 HP will suddenly drive like never before with RaceChip chip tuning. Even with the entry model, RaceChip One, you can gain extra power for an immediate 219 HP and 468 Nm of torque. Finally, the S in SUV can stand for what it's meant to.

The current Mazda 6 with 2.2 SKYACTIV-D offers the power you need for the exciting outer limits with RaceChip chip tuning. The 150 HP engine option with RaceChip Pro 2 bolsters up to a whopping 185 HP and 483 Nm, and the original 175 HP and 420 Nm of the larger models can reach an irresistible 223 HP and 538 Nm. Whether estate car or saloon, this is pure power for driving enjoyment like never before.

Even the power of the Mazda 6’s predecessor models can be transformed with RaceChip engine tuning to be absolutely up to speed with the times. A Mazda 6 with 2.2 MZR-CD and standard 163 HP easily surpasses the 200 HP range with RaceChip One. The Mazda 6 2.0 MZR CR with 140 HP offers an attractive 185 HP and 420 Nm torque with RaceChip Pro 2 for pure acceleration.

he current Mazda 4 SKYACTIV-D 150 with 150 HP morphs into a solid compact car and thrilling curve glider with RaceChip. With RaceChip Ultimate under the hood you'll have 190 HP and 486 Nm for guaranteed endless driving enjoyment.

You can easily tap into your Mazda's power reserves now.

Further down this page you'll find an overview of all chip tuning products from RaceChip offered for Mazda vehicles. Simply choose your Mazda with the help of our vehicle selection tool and you can see exactly how much more power is possible with your Mazda. As well as chip tuning products, we also offer accelerator tuning, Response Control, as well as air filters from the technology leader in this sector, K&N. The ideal complement to RaceChip Ultimate, Pro 2 or One to round off your vehicle's optimization package. With just a few clicks in our online shop you can configure the optimization package for your Mazda and could even receive your specially-designed RaceChip the very next day. Order online now, install RaceChip yourself in just 10-15 minutes and then experience the excitement of your Mazda like never before.