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The RaceChip effect to go

News & Stories | 09.12.2015 | RaceChip

Record trade fair attendance for chip tuning market leader

Göppingen, 9.12.2015. The market leader for electronic power enhancement, RaceChip Chiptuning, had its own dedicated space for the first time at this year’s Essen Motor Show. RaceChip presented its product range at its 60-m² stand, from the RaceChip One to the RaceChip Ultimate Connect, as well as the Throttle Tuning Response Control. The Golf VII R and the Porsche Macan Turbo were presented as show cars. Interested visitors could take a peek under the hood and witness the plug-and-drive concept up close: the uncomplicated, quick installation of RaceChip’s products means instant driving fun.

Opening weekend a complete success

130,000 car enthusiasts stormed the opening weekend of the Essen Motor Show and made their presence felt at the RaceChip stand in hall 2. Visitors to the stand could use the vehicle configurator to check whether a performance chip was available for their specific vehicle model. They could also purchase the RaceChip on the spot. In order to satisfy the high demand, on Wednesday extra chip tuning modules had to be sent from Göppingen to Essen. The sales figures from the previous year’s fair were beaten during the week. RaceChip also had to boost personnel, increasing staff numbers from four to six on the second weekend of the fair. “The positive reaction of the fair visitors has been overwhelming”, said Dominic Ruopp, RaceChip CEO. “By increasing our staff and restocking our products, we were able to meet the public’s demand and we are very happy to report a successful fair presence.” Dr. Daniel Appelhoff and Dirk Bongardt, both general managers at RaceChip, were also enthusiastic: “The success of the preview day on Friday and the interest of the trade and press visitors at the RaceChip stand were proof that chip tuning has made its mark in the community” said Daniel Appelhoff. And Dirk Bongardt added: “The technical questions of the visitors showed us how keenly car owners engage with their vehicles and their technical potential. And thanks to our simple installation process, we also appeal to an audience that has been far more cautious until now. By personally explaining how our products work, and also thanks to the fact that the vehicle control mechanisms remain intact, we could convince visitors and do away with some false preconceptions.”

Ultimate Connect a bestseller

The latest product of the German chip tuning manufacturer, the Connect feature for the RaceChip Ultimate, proved itself to be a real bestseller at the trade fair. The ability to control performance enhancement via smartphone has become indispensable in these times of intelligent mobility. The RaceChip Ultimate, which is installed in the engine compartment, communicates via Bluetooth with the driver’s smartphone. The driver can choose via the RaceChip app between three performance levels or the factory settings. This is a popular feature especially for the target group up to 35 years of age. But the entry-level model, the RaceChip One, and the mid-range Chip Pro 2 also proved to be very popular, especially for car enthusiasts who were venturing into the world of electronic power enhancement via additional control unit for the first time. The fact that RaceChip is also at the cutting edge of the digitisation of vehicle technology was highlighted by strong sales of SENT modules at RaceChip’s stand.

Feedback from visitors underscores position as market leader

The great attention that RaceChip received, both on the preview day as well as during the nine days when the fair was open to the public, confirms RaceChip’s position as the largest and most technologically innovative company in the chip tuning sector. The breadth of the interested customers, from young drivers up to people in the 50+ age group – whose interest at the Essen Motor Show was primarily the classic car exhibition – shows that chip tuning continues to move away from its hitherto niche role and is becoming a well-established trend. RaceChip’s chip tuning is becoming a popular feature for all vehicle owners who are looking for greater performance. Now all age groups of driver’s license holders are getting excited about the technology’s possibilities and don’t want to miss out on the RaceChip effect.

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