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What is the World’s Favorite Car?

News & Stories | 23.03.2017 | RaceChip

What is the World’s Favorite Car?

Buying a car is a very personal experience, each individual has different needs and wants from a vehicle, which ends up impacting on the final purchase. However, some cars seem to have more mass appeal than other models. We wanted to look at which cars and brands have dominated the automotive industry historically and over the last year by looking at data on a global scale and more in-depth in Europe.

The automotive powerhouse countries of USA, Germany and Japan clearly lead the way in terms of the top selling cars, with Volkswagen, Honda, Toyota and Ford dominating the global market. The Toyota Corolla sits at the top of the list as the best-selling car of all time both historically and in the last year, hitting close to one and a half million sales in 2016 and an incredible 44 million over its lifetime.

It’s Volkswagen that rules the roost in Europe however, sitting far ahead of the rest of the competition in terms of brand sales, with their Golf model selling well in central Europe and Scandinavia. Skoda often were the highest selling brand in many countries across Europe too, but not in high enough volume to challenge Volkswagen and in fact falling behind Renault, Fiat and Ford. Renault and Fiat both have sold very well in their home countries of France and Italy, which propelled them up the list, whereas Ford has always had a strong presence in the UK for the past 100 years, so it is no surprise to see them dominating that market.

The first mass selling car was the Ford Model T first produced in 1908. Today’s market is very different (the boot size too!), but there still seems to be certain models and brands that people seem gravitate towards as shown by our infographic. It will be fascinating to see how the market changes over the next decade, and if our current top-ranking brands will still be heading up the competition in the future.

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